Well the world hasn’t come to an end so on goes the struggle to integrate technology into education.  2012 has seen the tablet take hold and firmly become the go-to device for many tech enthusiasts and casual tech users.  Schools are still struggling with less than ideal bandwidth and budgets still have little in the way of flexibility when it comes to tech spending.  But all is not lost as strides have been made to bring schools into the current tech revolution:

1. Wireless capability is slowly becoming a reality in most schools

2. Portable labs of laptops and ipads are more prevalent than in 2011

3. Social media is becoming a platform for communication and instruction in the classroom

4. BYOD is a reality – for better or for worse

5. Old tech like overheads and VCRs are being phased out and being replaced with Multimedia Projectors and CPUs

6. More projects are including a tech component, if not completely immersed in technology

7. Libraries are becoming Learning Commons and providing a venue for students to interact and synthesize information from a variety of sources

8. Professional development days are utilizing tech more and more with many schools opting to dedicate at least one day to technology integration

9. Educators are engaging in conversation through Twitter and developing networks across the globe

10. Educational resources and textbook companies are finally developing apps and publications that are cost-effective and easily integrated

We still have a long way to go to reach the level of tech integration students immerse themselves in on a daily basis, when not at school, but we are inching closer to parody.