I have recently assigned my Biology 11 students a concept mapping assignment on Microbiology.  The assignment details can be found on my class blog at the following url:


The cool part about the assignment is the level of engagement the students have when using laptops and an online site to build their concept map.  I have done similar assignments in the past but have used poster paper as the medium instead and the level of frustration was exponentially higher than with the laptops.  The students dive right into the task and are able to find information that they otherwise would have not taken the time to seek out in their textbooks or notes. The three online sources that I allowed students to choose from were:




Students spent part of a block exploring the three sites and deciding which option they liked best.  They then spent a portion of the block mapping out the assignment on paper before committing their ideas to digital paper.  They will another block of class time to put their map together.  I will post the finished assignments here at a later date.